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Welcome to our organizing space designed to invite and entice you to just visit Western Sahara.

Why Western Sahara, you ask? Because it’s AWESOME!

Western Sahara is full of sand and sun, waves and deserts, wildlife and fossils, fishing, and more.

Western Sahara also boasts a rich cultural tapestry across coastal towns, Bedouin communities, and desert cities.

And, because Western Sahara is the last colony remaining in Africa.

Imagine – colonialism in the 21st century!?! I would rather imagine climbing sand dunes for an afternoon tea with new friends for a truly وني بك time (more on this beloved Western Saharan phrase later, إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ ).

Sahrawi people would love to invite you to visit their homeland and let you experience everything they want to preserve.

So please stay tuned to learn more about the experiences of recent travelers and social justice advocates – and the Sahrawis who invited us to come visit.

مع السلامة

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